Obituary and Deicide's Former Guitar Player, Ralph Santolla, In a Coma after a Heart Attack. His

"We all know how strong Ralph is and I’m sure that he will come out of this okay, as for now I wanted you all to know what is happening and I’ll update you on any changes" - Deborah Borecki

Ralph Santolla Heart Attack

Ralph Santolla: Former Deicide and Obituary Guitar Player

Ralph Santolla Heart Attack

I have known Ralph for awhile now through some mutual guitar friends. He is a great guy and we have shared some music back and forth and just overall had some great conversations. Last week Ralph had posted on Facebook that he had a possible Brown Recluse Spider Bite on his foot, it had been swollen and very painful.

Well, It turned out that it was NOT a Brown Recluse Spider Bite...but a Blood Clot!The blood clot had burst on Tuesday, May 29th, and caused a Heart Attack. Although his vitals are ok, he is on a ventilator.

We know that Ralph is a music lover, because even in the emergency room in a coma, his HEART RATE increases when his friends and family play his music for him. So, there is still some activity and shredding going on. We just wish them the best.


Ralph's mother reached out on facebook to let all of his friends, family and fans know his condition (picture below)

Ralph Santolla Heart Attack

Ralph's Mother Posted This On Facebook


The metal community, although looked down upon by bystanders sometimes, tends to stick together and be there for other fellow musicians and artists. Hopefully we will all be updated soon on his condition.

Ralph Santolla Heart Attack

We will be thinking of Ralph and his Family during this time and send any positive vibes and thoughts their way.