Ex-Megadeth Guitarist, Marty Friedman, Asked By Japanese Government to Compose Their National Theme

May 29, 2018


Ex-Megadeth Guitar Player, Marty Friedman had the amazing honor of being asked by the Japanese Government to Compose their Official Heritage Theme Song.  (Video Link Below)


Marty has been a resident in Japan since 2003 and he has appeared on over 700 Japanese television programs such as Rock Fujiyama, Hebimeta-san, Kouhaku uta gassen and Jukebox English.


He has really embraced their culture and become a part of the community in a huge way... 


Friedman: "As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I'll always appreciate the gracious treatment I've received here and welcome this kind of responsibility in the future."



The embrace paid off, because he was asked by the


Government to write their National Theme for live Events. 


Marty first got our attention in

1986 with his band Cacophony.  This band featured Jason Becker another shredder of the 80's. 


Marty joined Megadeth and Jason joined David Lee Roth's band, but that was short lived when he was tragically struck with ALS and was no longer able to play the guitar.

When these two hit the stage, it was intense.  Not very many guitar players, even today, can keep up with what they created. It is sad that it was over so quickly. 






Listen to the Song Here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Japan Heritage Theme Song - Marty Friedman

"It was a thrill and an honor to be asked by the Japanese government to compose this music," Friedman says in a statement. "It will be played and performed at official events and functions from now on. As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I`ll always appreciate the gracious treatment I`ve received here and welcome this kind of responsibility in the future."



Even though we would love to hear Marty in Megadeth, this is still amazing!  It's great that hes still touring and doing his own thing. 


It looks as though there is basically no hope that he will ever return to Megadeth, but that is OK! What they created can never be destroyed and we can also go back and remember all of the great music they created. 









Comment below your favorite Marty Song!

Either Megadeth or Solo Stuff!

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