The Importance of Bar Chords

Bar chords tend to be one of the trickiest chords to try and learn. The main challenge with them is the fact that you have to bar your first finger on all of the strings and it is unlike any other chord. The main goal is to make sure you're pressing your finger down across all strings so each string can resonate. Though it's challenging at first, once you master the bar chord, the possibilities are endless. Pictured below, is an A Major Bar Chord.

A Major Bar Chord

There are many reasons why bar chords are so important. One of the main reasons is because this shape can moved to any fret on the low E string. That means you can play every major chord just by moving this shape to different frets.

Along with knowing every Major chord just by moving the shape around the fret board, we also know every minor chord. All we have to do is lift up our middle finger. Below is a picture of the new shape.

A minor bar chord

Now it's time to fancy it up. Lets go back to our A Major Bar Chord. All we have to do is remove our pinky from this shape and now we have an A Major 7. Once again, we can move this position up and down the fret board. The same thing can happen when we remove our pinky from the a minor bar chord, we have an a minor 7 bar chord.

Using these different versions of the bar chords can be extremely useful when trying to find different sounds and voicing of chords. It isn't going to be easy at first but once you get the bar chord down, the possibilities are endless.