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"I am inspired to play again because of the confidence that Zach has instilled in me. He gets it. He gets all of it."

Hundreds of Guitar Players have drastically improved their technique and theory understanding because of Zach's Lessons


Zach, "I can only say "THANK YOU" for what you are doing. Because lessons are really, for some people, they are just KEY. They were key for me when I was learning the ropes"

Steve Vai

Guitar Can Be Difficult to Master... but with the right information and guidance you can be better than you ever thought possible


Paul Gilbert

"(Zach) played some Sweep Picking Things I've NEVER seen before in my life.... I'm not even going to attempt those...Astonishing SPEED and CLARITY and cool vibrato. Really enjoyed listening to (him) play!"

As a teacher I have seen and helped HUNDREDS of guitarists better their playing. I have even given some of the world's best renown players lessons to help them take their playing where they wanted. There was always a few things in common with all of them.

  • Lack of Knowledge of THEORY

  • Lack of Knowledge of where all that theory fits on the Board

  • How to take new concepts and apply it to their playing

What my Platform was designed to do, is to help you break out of that mindset and start applying this information to your own playing. But, I also wanted to make lessons exactly how I teach one-on-one. No intimidation. No crazy jargen. Just easy to understand concepts and application.


Tony Macalpine

"Zach's a KILLER player. This guy can really shred, you should check him out!"

Before You Join My Course

I want to take a few minutes and talk to you about your playing. 
There's no charge to you for this. I just want to provide some real feedback and see if this course is right for you. 

Please fill out this form, and I will reach out to you to schedule a call. Would be great to get to know you and your story as a musician. I hope that I get to talk to you soon and see if I can help you get where you want to be.


Mark Tremonti

"Zach is a tremendous player.

His techniques and creativity are TOP NOTCH!"

Why Join My Course?

80+ Videos

Explanation of all the functions of Modes and their placement on the necks.

Lick Ideas

Customized Tabs of Licks created for each mode

Monthly Videos

Constant Upload of New Guitar Theory and Technique Videos

HUGE Savings

More Than $1050/m of Material and Education. (+ 24/7 Access to Everything)

Plus Exclusive Bonuses...

One-On- One Communication with me throughout your time in the courses. 

Initial Zoom Meeting to Assess where your playing is, and how my courses can help. 

Frequent Community Updates and Push Notifications to keep you motivated!

Who Is Zachary Adkins... 

Hello! Zachary Adkins here. I wanted to take a quick minute and tell you who I am. I want to make sure that if you don't know who I am, that you get a better understanding of where I come from and why this matters for my ability to help you reach your goals!

Although I have been playing guitar since I was 12 years old, my career really got a HUGE kick start in 2017 when I won first place in the USA Ibanez Flying Fingers Competition, Hosted by Paul Gilbert. (video below) 

When I won this contest, I was not sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew I didn't want to go back to working full-time for somebody else. I wanted to make my own path in the world and especially in the guitar community. 



"Zach is an Intelligent, creative player with INCREDIBLE skill! Students will benefit greatly from his wisdom and expertise."

"I encourage anyone wanting lessons to seek Zach out. He is an amazingly talented player and has the ability to translate those techniques in a way anyone can understand. Not just a shredder, he can play blues, rock, melodic leads, the list goes on and on. He will open up the fretboard for anyone seeking to improve their playing. I have found he observes the threshold of ability and pushes you just beyond that. He will also make tweaks that seem minor to your technique that pay huge dividends later. As an example, grip during vibrato and bending, pick advice, strumming technique, etc. He is punctual and professional and enjoyable to work with and learn from."

Why should you take lessons with me...

To be honest... I don't really know how to answer this question. 

I think that all I can do is lay out what I have accomplished, give some videos showcasing what it is that I can do and what I can offer you... and it's ultimately up to you to make the decision to move forward. 

I can say, however, no other teacher will work as hard as I do to help you be a better player. I have so many courses and video tutorials that I still have to make. I want you to know everything that I know, and I don't want you to have to supplement with anyone else. I want to be your "go-to" instructor for all the things you want to know about this amazing instrument. 

It would be an honor to have you as one of my students, even if its in an online platform. I will help you no matter how close or far you are from me!