Guitar Efficiency

Take Your Playing to the Next Level


"(Zach) played some Sweep Picking Things I've NEVER seen before in my life.... I'm not even going to attempt those...Astonishing SPEED and CLARITY and cool vibrato. Really enjoyed listening to (him) play!"

-Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert

What's in this Book?

***200+ Pages of Tabs and Weekly Goal Worksheets***

***7 Chapters:***

Chapter 1 - Chromatics

Chapter 2 - Pentatonic

Chapter 3 - Major & Minor Scales

Chapter 4 - Major Arpeggios

Chapter 5 - Minor Arpeggios

Chapter 6 - Modes

Chapter 7 - Odd Note Groupings

***30 Minutes of Daily Warmups and Exercises to Help You Improve Your Playing***


"Zach's a KILLER player. This guy can really shred, you should check him out!"

-Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine

What This Book Is...

When it comes to Playing Guitar there is almost an endless supply of the exercises that each guitar player does or has done in their career. In this book I will be testing and pushing you on what I like to call "THE ESSENTIAL 4: SPEED, ENDURANCE, TECHNIQUE and ACCURACY."


Guitar Efficiency is meant to give you DAILY workouts to get your hands syncopated and warmed up for your regular practices or performances. There are 7 Chapters to coincide with the 7 Days of the week. You can choose which exercise to do on what day, but the best way to approach it is to tackle 1 Chapter Per Day and move on to the next.


The ideas and techniques you will learn from this book include: Chromatic Scales, Major and Minor Scales, Pentatonic Modes, Diatonic Modes, Arpeggios, Odd-Note Groupings, Various Picking Techniques, "Finger Independence" and MUCH MORE!


"Zach's a KILLER player. This guy can really shred, you should check him out!"

-Rusty Cooley


What This Book Is Not...

This book is NOT a "Lick Book" or "Solo Idea" book.  The intent of this is strictly to improve on "THE ESSENTIAL 4" over a period of time. It is not meant to take these ideas and steal them for a solo. YES, the combination of Music Theory and Techniques will help you create solos, however, the exercises specifically laid out here are meant for mechanical improvement. 


"Zach's a KILLER player. This guy can really shred, you should check him out!"

-Tony MacAlpine



There is also a Weekly Journal Section to mark your progress. This allows you an opportunityto look back on your progress throughout and adjust your approach. 


Whether you are just starting out, been playing a couple years or even an experienced Pro...

You WILL become a better guitar player after utilizing what is inside this book!


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Guitar Efficiency is a book of nonstop exercises and stuff like that. If you want a finger exercise book (for guitar) that is the book to get. Usually you are used to getting a book where people just like, explain stuff, but this is like...Man! Loads and LOADS of exercises. 

-Ron Jarzombek


"I encourage anyone wanting lessons to seek Zach out. He is an amazingly talented player and has the ability to translate those techniques in a way anyone can understand. Not just a shredder, he can play blues, rock, melodic leads, the list goes on and on. He will open up the fretboard for anyone seeking to improve their playing. I have found he observes the threshold of ability and pushes you just beyond that. He will also make tweaks that seem minor to your technique that pay huge dividends later. As an example, grip during vibrato and bending, pick advice, strumming technique, etc. He is punctual and professional and enjoyable to work with and learn from."

"I have been playing guitar for the last 18 years or so. I have always learned through tabs or online videos. I am a decent player but have not progressed in my playing in years. I wanted to get out of this rut and learn how to be a better player. I really wanted to learn some theory and how scales apply to playing actual music. When trying to learn through online videos, I felt like I could never find anything I could relate to and fully understand how it applies to playing actual songs.

I reached out to Zach after searching for a guitar teacher that I could actually sit in front of and learn this stuff. He explains everything so clearly that it all started clicking very fast for me. My playing has improved dramatically and I am having even more fun playing guitar than I ever have."

"I’ve been working with Zach a couple of months now and he has been great. I already know 4 songs! He’s very knowledgeable, a great teacher, and makes the lessons fun. Can’t wait to see how much I can do in a year!"

"I've been taking lessons from Zach for a couple of months now. Even though I've played guitar for over 20 years, my skills have increased significantly. I've learned theory and techniques. Zach is an inspirational guitarist and teacher."

"I began taking lessons from Zach after being on a 30 year hiatus from playing guitar. I came to Zach knowing maybe 1/2 of a song. Six months later I have learned 6-7 songs that I can play. I am inspired to play again because of the confidence that Zach has instilled in me. He gets it. He gets all of it."