Beginner Guitar Lessons Omaha

Steve Johnson is a Beginner and Intermediate Guitar Lessons pro! He has over 40 years of experience playing and teaching guitar in Omaha and surrounding communities.

Interested in Bass Lessons? Steve has got ya covered there, too!

Steve also writes and records music of all genres, so whatever technique or style you are aiming to achieve, Steve is your guy!

Need a guitar tech? Yep, you guessed it! Just ask Steve, aka, Jammin' J!

Young or old, and anywhere in between, it is never too early or too late to begin your journey. Even if you just need to get something down on cd, Steve can help you learn how to record your instrument with the best results.

Your adventure awaits - it is only waiting for YOU to start it...


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What You Will Learn

  • Open Chords

  • Reading Tablature

  • Reading Chord Charts

  • Barre Chords

  • Correct Hand Posture

  • Exercises for Dexterity

  • Your First Songs

  • Fret Board Layout

  • Confidence With Guitars

...And SO Much More!

Steve WILL Help You Be a Better Guitar Player

100% Guarantee