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If You Are On This Page That Means You are here for drum Lessons!

Who I Am Here For:

We are dedicated to becoming the #1 Location in Omaha for Drum Lessons.  Keeping this in mind, I am here to teach anyone and everyone how to play the drums. 


  • Absolute Beginners 

  • Have Taken Lessons Before and want to get better

  • Wanna Start a Band of Your Own


  • Absolute Beginners

  • Have Taken Lessons Before and want to get better

  • Are Already Pretty Good and want to take it to the Next Level of Expertise!

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Why Take Music Lessons With me?

Geddy Playing Drums in Front of 1000's of People in Attendance at ROCK FEST 

Geddy teaches my 10 year old son drum lessons at Adkins Guitar and music. Geddy is able to make each lesson fun and educational. He assigns homework for my son so he can practice during the week. Not only does he have a amazing understanding of the drums and music theory, but he is also a very passionate teacher who truly cares about helping his students develop their skills and love of the instrument.

My son has been taking drum lessons with Geddy Johnson for a few months now. He is great and my son has never had a complaint. Hes very flexible and always works around our busy schedules.

Geddy has been giving my son drum lessons for over a year now. He’s kept him motivated and impassioned about music, even when his dedication to practice faded at times. Geddy’s teaching style has helped him develop without feeling stress or pressure. Over the course of time, we’ve seen our son’s love for music develop along with his skills. We absolutely recommend seeking Geddy out at Adkins.

I love seeing my kids rocking out with Geddy & Tristan. Music is more than just fun. It's takes my kids to a whole different world away from the roughest moments in life. Thank you Adkins Guitar for giving my kids an outlet and safe place to grow into little musicians.

Geddy is my 8 year old daughter's drum teacher. I hesitated to allow her to start such an involved instrument, but she has had such a positive start. Geddy is a gifted instructor. His kind, patient approach makes learning fun. He has an expert understanding of music theory and structures lessons around building a strong musical foundation in his students. He is also very supportive with any questions we may have as parents, and makes sure to give us the tools we need to help our child. We are so thankful to have found him, and the 30 minute drive each way is worth it. Geddy's relational style and teaching approach have made this a joyful journey!

Geddy Has Been Playing For More Than Half His Life

Adkins Guitar and Music Lessons

At Adkins Guitar and Music Lessons we strive to be the best location for Guitar and Music in Omaha. We will only give the best, because that's what we strive for.

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We want to simplify the process of taking lessons and help answer any questions you may have about guitar, Drums and Bass.... and how to be successful in your venture!

Drum Instructor

Geddy Johnson

I didn't have a teacher growing up, sometimes as a kid I would sit and stare at music or listen to it for hours until I got it. I've learned to hear things in a multitude of ways and thought of multiple ways to break them down.  I also really value my experience teaching adults with developmental disabilities.

My biggest value is that I never settle for "mediocre." I've never wanted to be an average player, average person or average in my success in life.  If I'm going to put my mind to something it's going to be the best and I don't settle for anything less.

Zachary Adkins

Owner/ Advanced Guitar Instructor

Guitar Instructor

Adam Arispe

I try to learn something everyday to try and better myself. It could be a different technique on guitar or how to teach a certain scale an easier way. The day people stop wanting to learn is the day that they stop getting better. There isn't a"best" guitar player in the world, but there's nothing stopping me from being the best that I can be. I tell my students this because I believe that;s the best way to think about an instrument.

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