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Searching for the right music teacher can be a daunting task - we get it! So here at Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons in Omaha, Nebraska we do our very best to make your search easy. We offer guitar lessons, drums lessons and bass guitar lessons conveniently located off of 72nd and Interstate-80 by experienced, talented teachers who are passionate about their students and their progress.

Regardless of age or skill level, we have the right music lessons with the best music teachers to help you or your child reach your musical goals! 

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Why Choose Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons Omaha?

  • 5-Star Google Review Rating

  • Talented and Passionate Music Teachers

  • Comfortable Waiting Area for Parents and Siblings

  • Month-to-Month - No Contracts or Commitments

  • Winner of 2019 and 2020 Best of Omaha in Music Lessons

  • Located in the Heart of Omaha - Off of 72nd & I-80

  • Easy Work and School Scheduling

  • Music Lessons Available All Year-Round

  • Competitive Pricing*

  • Referral Programs*

  • Family Discounts*

*Please talk with your teacher about Pricing,

Referral Programs and Family Discounts



guitar LESSONs OMAHA: beginner TO intermediate

Choose the best Beginner Guitar Lessons in Omaha, NebraskaAge or skill level need not apply! Students love our teachers' relaxed and fun Guitar teaching styles. Taking Guitar Lessons has many benefits, such as building confidence and self-esteem!


If you're looking for Drum Lessons in Omaha, your search is over! Regardless of age or skill level, our Drum teachers know how to help you reach your Drumming goals in a fun and relaxed environment.

guitar lessons omaha:

intermediate TO ADVANCED

When people think of Advanced Guitar Lessons in Omaha, they think Zachary Adkins! Whether you are getting out of the beginner phase and ready to jump into intermediate, or are already in your intermediate stage and ready to take your playing up a notch, Zachary will help you reach your Guitar playing goals!

Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons in Omaha, Nebraska was founded in 2017, shortly after the owner, Zachary Adkins, won first place in a National Guitar Competition hosted by Ibanez Guitars.


Zachary has played guitar since he was 12-years-old and was taught by his father. He would spend 8 hours a day playing until his fingers bled! Zachary attended Iowa Western Community College for Music Education with a full scholarship while teaching students guitar lessons in his home, at local guitar music schools and Guitar Center. Since opening his guitar lessons studio in 2017, he has taught hundreds of people, both domestic and international, custom guitar lessons

In 2018, Zachary expanded music lessons to include beginner guitar lessons, drum lessons and bass guitar lessons and found some of the best music instructors Omaha has to offer! With all this talent under one roof, it's no wonder Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons was voted Omaha's Best for Music Lessons in 2019 and 2020!

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"At Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons... I take pride in my reviews. I understand that reviews are the face of this business online. I will make sure EVERYONE has an amazing experience. I love to see that I have helped people accomplish their goals!

I personally strive to be the best at everything that I set my mind to... my business especially."

Zachary Adkins 


what people are saying about us!

Student playing guitar on stage

Fred: Student

"I have been playing for over 30 years and I finally found someone who could help me understand how the modes work. Zach also teaches my son who has made leaps and bounds in his playing in just a short period of time. Great teacher and person!"

beginner guitar lessons student in omaha
Guitar Lessons Student in Omaha

Matt: Student

Alec: Student

"Very knowledgeable and personable. Within 1 month I had learned and was able to play 12 different chords and be able to learn and play a song! Would highly recommend to anyone!"

"Great Guitar teacher. Super patient and nice. Will work with you on your level and really cares. Highly recommend zach. Its been years since lessons and I am seeing big improvement."

Why Should You or Your Child Take Guitar Lessons?


Taking Guitar Lessons is an important part of picking up the guitar. There has been too many people to count that have tried to learn the guitar on their own and failed. There is just so much information out there, especially with the internet. It becomes confusing and overwhelming to say the least. Everyone and their dog thinks they can teach you how to play guitar.


You Might Ask Yourself: "How well does THIS person play the guitar?"

If you can't answer that question with certainty, then you may be taking guitar lessons at the wrong place. Getting guitar lessons from the RIGHT person that works best for you is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your goals. 

Look at it this way... would you ask someone who has bad credit and collection agencies after them about financial advise?  I would sure hope not. In that same fashion, don't go to your next door neighbor for guitar lessons just because he has a guitar. 

Here is a list of questions you should ask your potential Guitar Instructor.

  • How Long Have You Been Playing?

  • Where Did You Learn To Play Guitar?

  • What Are Some Of Your Accomplishments?

  • Have You Ever Taught Before?

  • Why Do You Think You Are The Best Fit For Me?

There are more questions that you can ask, but this will get you started. Get the ball rolling and ask around for referrals.  

Is Guitar Good For Your Brain?

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There are multiple reasons you or your child should take guitar lessons:

  • According to a neuroscientific study from McGill University, hearing (and playing) music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain. This rise in dopamine can help fight anxiety and depression

  • A new Scottish study says if you play the guitar - or any musical instrument, for that matter - you’re more likely to have sharper brain function, which can help guard against mental decline in the future.

But, all of the psychological and mental benefits aside...

The guitar is just fun! There is almost nothing better than getting home and being able to zone out and create music.

The stresses of life can disappear for that short period of time and that small piece of stress-free experience can be worth so much.

All of us here at Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons Omaha have been playing our instruments for more than half of our lives and want to share everything we have learned and experienced with YOU.

Sign Up Today and experience these benefits first hand with us here at Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons Omaha, Nebraska!