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Steve Vai

Zach, "I can only say "THANK YOU" for what you are doing. Because lessons are really, for some people, they are just KEY. They were key for me when I was learning the ropes"

Debut Album
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Mark Tremonti

"Zach is a tremendous player.

His techniques and creativity are TOP NOTCH!"

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Tony Macalpine

"Zach's a KILLER player. This guy can really shred, you should check him out!"

Flying Fingers Competition

Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons in Omaha, Nebraska was founded in 2017, shortly after the owner, Zachary Adkins, won first place in a National Guitar Competition hosted by Ibanez Guitars.


Zachary has played guitar since he was 12-years-old and was taught by his father. He would spend 8 hours a day playing until his fingers bled! Zachary attended Iowa Western Community College for Music Education with a full scholarship while teaching students guitar lessons in his home, at local guitar music schools and Guitar Center. Since opening his guitar lessons studio in 2017, he has taught hundreds of people, both domestic and international, custom guitar lessons. 

In 2018, Zachary expanded music lessons to include beginner guitar lessons, drum lessons and bass guitar lessons and found some of the best music instructors Omaha has to offer! With all this talent under one roof, it's no wonder Adkins Guitar & Music Lessons was voted Omaha's Best for Music Lessons in 2019 and 2020!


Paul Gilbert

"(Zach) played some Sweep Picking Things I've NEVER seen before in my life.... I'm not even going to attempt those...Astonishing SPEED and CLARITY and cool vibrato. Really enjoyed listening to (him) play!"



"Zach is an Intelligent, creative player with INCREDIBLE skill! Students will benefit greatly from his wisdom and expertise."

Guitar Autopsy

Guitar Autopsy is meant to be the #1 Place for Guitarist and Musicians to come and get advice on everything from: Technique, Theory, Practice Strategy, Mental Health, Financial Freedom with Music, Entertainment and anything else you feel that you need help with!

When we started talking about what we wanted Guitar Autopsy to be, we decided that we would absolutley involve some of the best guitarists and musicians on the show. They have some great real world advice that can add value to all of our subscribers and potential subscribers. However, we did not want it to just be “interviews” and boring “Q & A” with Guests. 

Rusty Cooley has been a powerhouse in the Guitar Community for many years. His connections along the way has gained him much notoriety and respect from fellow guitar players in the niche. He also has made thousands of friends along the way. Why this makes Guitar Autopsy different, is that he knows these guests as friends and not just acquaintances. With this, you will have more real in-depth content with everyone who comes on. Find out things that you would never hear anywhere else. 

We want to make sure that you are entertained, but also educated on what it takes to be a musician and to have financial freedom of your own so you can be as successful as you want to be in this area of your life. 

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